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About DataInsights

DataInsights is a high-performance Enterprise Data Warehousing and Analytics Solution designed to improve operational efficiency and optimize infrastructure investments and quality of care.

A Paradigm Shift in Clinical Data Warehousing

An Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) solution is a critical part of a CIO’s strategic plan and vision to improve the quality of care, operational efficiency and organizational efficiency. An ideal EDW solution captures information from a wide-ranging set of data sources and is compatible with all data exchange standards.

Powered by CITI Healthcare, DataInsights is an integrated, centralized data repository that captures and maintains all critical clinical and administrative data from customers and related agencies. A highly sophisticated and easy to use dashboard and reporting system makes it easy to make critical decisions when it matters most.

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Paradigm Shift in Clinical Data Warehousing


Next Generation Technology


Data Visualization


Predictive Analytics


Integrated Warehouse


Reporting Systems

  • Dashboards with key clinical outcomes such as diabetes analysis, bed occupancy, length of stay, outpatient vs. inpatient, average wait time by departments, ward administration, medicine management, infection controls, etc.
  • Trend analyses such as outpatient vs. inpatient, monitoring infectious disease; prescribing antibiotics, medication adoption, patterns and adherence; track and manage symptom burden; hospital-acquired infections, predictions on heart disease, cancer progression etc.
  • Financial analyses such as claims tracking, revenue analysis, on-going costs and invoicing information.
  • Key performance measurement of contracted providers, staff providers and team members.
  • Analytic tools with exception reporting such as, duplicate consumers, outliers and other data points to identify data quality problems.
Integration Capability

Integration Capability

Integrated with some of the external data exchange partners including but not limited to:

  • County, federal administrative systems
  • State and other eligibility systems
  • State and federal claims processing
  • Federal block grant
  • IHS and other federal agencies


DataInsights standardizes data from different sources to enhance the confidence of stakeholders in its accuracy and consistency. It facilitates business users to quickly access data from multiple sources with little to no support from their IT department. It has a self-service architecture to support web access to raw data sets, queries, standard reports dashboards and analytics platforms.

Predictive Analytics for Better Outcomes

Predictive Analytics for Better Outcomes

Key Benefits

  • Identify trends and take proactive decisions
  • Easy to implement and use
  • Get accurate predictions about future trends
  • Enterprise-wide link to diverse data sources
  • Data generated can be used for research
  • Standardized data structure and definitions
  • Capture and integrate data from all systems
  • Integrate with data exchange partners
  • Customer-wide resource tracking support

Analytics: Driving Healthcare Forward

Analytics Driving Healthcare Forward

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