Solving the Challenges of Child Care with Arise

HHS agencies are adopting enabling technologies to reshape the landscape of child care. Families and children have been feeling the pain of less than stellar program delivery in an industry plagued by heavy administrative burdens, low funding, and clunky use of technology. Enabling technologies are transforming how states and providers approach child care — an essential goal as solid foundations in childhood lead to substantial long-term benefits and success later in life. This blog explores how enabling technologies enhance child care program delivery, creating a safe, more efficient, and convenient family experience.

The child care challenge:

Historically, families have struggled to find accessible, reliable, high-quality child care options. The industry faces numerous challenges: inaccurate data management, inefficient administrative processes, a lack of child monitoring and safety, poor communication with families about services and benefit eligibility, and nonexistent digital access to records for caseworkers. These factors combined contribute to inefficiency, costly child care programs, and less-than-ideal child care programs for families and children.
Luckily, modern technologies can transform these challenges with creative solutions to better serve families and children. The CITI child care solution are designed specifically to enhance child care programs with the following:

Streamlined admin:

Cumbersome administrative tasks consume significant time and effort. From overseeing billing and scheduling to managing attendance records and parent communication, child care providers spend crucial time on administrative tasks instead of with children. CITI's child care solution streamlines and automates administrative tasks to free up provider time so they can focus on program delivery.

Automated eligibility:

Using the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence, enabling technologies can analyze vast amounts of data to verify eligibility and determine qualification for child care assistance programs. Further, they empower families to take control of their eligibility determination from an easily accessible digital solution. CITI's child care solution simplifies eligibility, helping eligible families receive prompt support and improved access to quality child care.

Empowering self-service:

Enabling technologies put the power back in the hands of families with mobile technologies and online portals that help them find suitable child care options. With automated platforms, individuals can schedule, register, and process payments anywhere, enhancing efficiency and convenience.
CITI's platform also increases collaboration and communication between parents or caregivers and caseworkers, administrators, and service providers. Using powerful communication tools fosters greater transparency to ensure everyone is on the same page about the child's well-being, progress, and activities. Increased parent or caregiver involvement is crucial to child success. With communication tools in place, parents and child care providers experience better collaboration, understanding, and, ultimately, more effective child care services.

Compliant inspections:

Enabling technologies enable real-time monitoring, data analysis, and reporting to ensure child care providers comply with regulatory and compliance standards. Inspections safeguard the well-being and safety of children. By integrating technology into their inspection procedures, child care providers enhance transparency, promote a culture of continuous improvement, and ensure better accuracy, ultimately benefiting the children and families they serve.

Accurate attendance records:

Historically, keeping track of attendance is both cumbersome and costly in terms of time and resources for child care providers. With enabling technologies, child care providers can efficiently monitor and track attendance, ensuring accurate record-keeping and promoting child safety by helping to track child whereabouts. Administrators can share these records with family and caseworkers as indicators of overall child well-being. Using technology to track attendance improves accuracy, reduces fraud, and eases administrative burdens so child care providers can focus on better service delivery.

Efficient staff management:

The child care industry experiences high turnover. However, continuity of staff is essential for child success. Smooth staff transitions and management are cornerstones of effective program delivery. Enabling technologies to oversee staff scheduling, ensuring proper staff-to-child ratios. They can monitor performance records to facilitate training opportunities and professional growth. Further, enabling technologies identify workforce gaps and help onboard new team members. CITI's child care solution enhances staff satisfaction for improved child care outcomes.

Effective case management:

A digital snapshot of the programs offered, and families served ensures efficient resource allocation, improves access to services, and fosters continuous improvement for programs. CITI's child care solution improves data management with robust data analytics. It enhances real-time collaboration with communication tools and automated billing/scheduling and contributes to program efficiency, so children get the support they need.


Using enabling technologies to address the complexities of child care helps agencies optimize their expenses, build capacity, and offer more accessible, equitable programs. From self-service to eligibility and payments, compliance, and safety, enabling technologies enhance the child care space. CITI's automated, modular solution ensures availability, continuity, and quality service delivery so children can get the resources they need to thrive – in one easy-to-use tool. To learn more about CITI's child care solution.

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