ACO Value-Based Care


Our data and analytics-based solutions build a coordinated approach to patient care by integrating data across the care continuum, establishing standardized processes, addressing the gaps in care and bringing efficiency across provider networks. This reduces the impact as well as incidences of chronic illnesses, allows patients to live healthy lives in an evidence-based manner and generates maximum earnings for the providers in the value-based care arrangements.

Accountable and Managed Care

Managed Care through ACOs, MCOs and similar models aims to make patient care a collective ownership across a set of care provider networks through agreed upon requirements of cost, quality, and utilization. As these models undergo expansion, adopt more complex, high-risk agreements, and make challenging decisions associated with care-coordination, they need a fundamental shift from the traditional care management methods. These changes can be sustained only in an environment based on transparency, collaboration, and a collective vision to care quality. Our suite of technology solutions and consulting services promotes managed care practices by enabling Managed Care Networks to collectively handle high-risk patients and achieve the necessary performance benchmarks across the clinical, operational, and financial metrics by providing them access to longitudinal patient data, building necessary synergies in their modus operandi, and helping them meet the regulatory reporting needs across State and Federal agencies. Our solutions provide the following benefits to Managed Care Practices:

  • Aggregate data across clinical and non-clinical setting to create a 360-degree view of the patient. Know more about our DataConnect Solution
  • Consolidate legacy data of patient with active data to provide physicians references to older health records of patients. Know more about our DRIS Solution
  • Configure business rules and workflows which can help them timely alerts and notifications pertaining to critical events. Know more about our DataLogic Solution
  • Create easy-to-understand reports, alerts, and dashboards and conduct trend and gap analyses to improve resource utilization and quality measures. Know more about our DataInsights Solution
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