Evidence-Based Decisions


Patient care must be both person-centered and evidence-based. We deliver the tools providers need to harness the power of evidence-based decisions through innovative technological advancements in areas such as clinical decision support, legacy system archival, clinical research, health disparities and population health.

  • Patient safety and clearing the way for providers to better take care of their patients are our top priorities. Clinical decision support (CDS) presents information critical to the patient’s care and safety to clinical staff, patients, and others on the care team at the right time and place in the clinical workflow.
  • Our CDS tools integrate with data from the current electronic health record system, legacy data management systems, clinical research, treatment guidelines and data repositories, among other areas.
  • We centralize legacy data to give care teams quick and easy access to all available patient data. This allows for patient history to be used meaningfully in care recommendations, patient alerts, diagnostic support, reports and other summaries. Know more about our DRIS Solution.
  • We help providers automate processes and provide evidence-based clinical intelligence. This includes automated alerts and reminders, clinical guidelines, condition-specific order sets, diagnostic support, documentation and note templates, patient monitoring, reports, dashboards and summaries. We provide the end-to-end data pipeline, integration and implementation required for CDS tools.