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About DataInsights

DataInsights is a high-performance Enterprise Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence and Analytics Solution to improve program management, and decision-making across a wide spectrum of Health and Human Services.

Better Data, Better Insights, Better Outcomes

State and Local Health and Human Services agencies often face challenges of inconsistent data sharing, lack of alignment between stakeholders, disparate data sources, and outdated legacy systems. Simply put, they do not receive the right data at the right time to make the right decisions.

Powered by CITI, DataInsights addresses these challenges by providing an integrated and centralized data warehouse, capturing and maintaining all critical case and administrative data from clients, agencies, and caseworkers. The easy to use dashboard and reporting system helps agencies and caseworkers identify risk, unravel patterns, and gain meaningful insights for fast, accurate decision-making.

Whether it is childcare, child welfare services, access to food assistance, or other benefits programs, DataInsights allows agencies and caseworkers to make timely decisions with a high level of accuracy.

DataInsights helps organizations to realize analytics maturity and provide the edge needed to excel in HHS endeavors.

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Next Generation Technology


Integrated Warehouse


Reporting Systems


Data Visualization


Predictive Analytics

Key Features

  • Trend analysis and alerts
  • Easy to implement and use
  • AI-enabled predictive analytics and modeling
  • Enterprise-wide link to diverse data sources
  • Complete cloud-based COTS solution
  • Personalized and responsive dashboards
  • Real-time big data integration
  • Drilldown and ad-hoc business reporting
  • Built-in ETL capability
  • Offline report scheduling
  • Highly secure


DataInsights leverages CITI’s very own ETL process automation tool - DataPort to standardize data from different sources. DataPort can be easily plugged into DataInsights, saving valuable time and resources while delivering quality results.


Intuitive Dashboards

  • View Dashboards let you slice and dice individual modules such as Intake, Investigation, Case, and Provider, along with filters, sorting, and drilldown features.
  • Analytical Dashboards provide holistic analytical views of the entire ecosystem across the various modules.
  • Ad-hoc Dashboards let you generate customized dashboards on the fly by dragging and dropping data sets as needed.

Reporting Redefined

  • Integration with Reporting Engines such as SSRS, PowerBI, Crystal Reports, Tableau, etc.
  • File Export Formats supported by DataInsights are PDF, Excel, MS Word, CSV, and more.
  • Inherent Document Workflow with manual or scheduled triggers for report generation.
  • Ad-hoc Reports can be generated on the fly, on-demand, or saved for later use.
  • Standards-based reports compliant with State and Local AFCARS and NCANDS standards.

Configuration Features

  • Role, User, Role Group, and User Group Mgmt.
  • Customizable Menus
  • Master Data Configurations
  • Customizable Reports
  • Workflow Management
  • Client Management
  • Customizable Views and Dashboards

DataPort Advantages

  • Create mind-maps of source and destination data elements easily.
  • Extract, Transform, and Load data faster with the intuitive DataInsights UI.
  • Real-time display showing the progress of data movement and validation of errors.
  • Make accurate time predictions for end-to-end ETL operations.

Analytics for HHS: Moving up the capability curve

According to the 2014 Analytics Capability Roadmap published by APHSA NWI1, there are different types of analytics based on the level of sophistication of intelligence and the competitive advantage it can give an organization. In today’s business world, the demand for more evidence-based decision-making - based on reliable analytics is growing rapidly.

DataInsights can help your organization move from descriptive to predictive and prescriptive analytics and unleash your data’s full potential.