Population Health Management Powered by AI and Analytics


About DataInsights

Datainsights is a high performance AI driven healthcare practice management and analytics platform that can boost operational efficiency, bridge care gaps, and improve quality of care while reducing care costs.

Transforming Care Quality And Experience

Datainsights unlocks the potential to efficiently manage population health by aggregating data from various systems such as electronic health records, medical imaging, payers, post-acute care, chronic care, claims, wearable devices, third-party systems, and many more data sources - to enable risk identification, proactive decision-making, orchestrate outreach programs, and maximize interventions through a single unified interface.

Built on a foundation of clinical and technical expertise Datainsights’ AI enabled data visualization and reporting tools can help you access real-time intelligence, monitor trends, patterns, and metrics, reduce costs, optimize ROI, elevate workforce efficiencies, maintain regulatory compliance, and help your organization transition towards value-based care.

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Key Features


Integrated Warehouse


Data Visualization


Data Management


Predictive Modeling


Ad-hoc Reporting


Rules Engine


  • Drive Workforce Efficiency
  • Improve Quality of Care & Patient Experience
  • Simplify Revenue Cycle Management
  • Reduce Readmissions via Timely Interventions
  • Integrate with Third Party Health Systems
  • Reduce Cost of Care & Boost Profitability
  • Bridge Care Gaps with Automated State Machine
  • Automate Manual Tasks & Workflows using RPA
  • Generate, Store, & Share Reports On-the-Fly
  • Deploy & Use Product Quickly & Effortlessly
  • Leverage High Performance at Lower Costs

From micro-level insights to micro-level strategies

Capture and Integration Capabilities

Key Precision Metrics For Elevated Performance


  • Evidence-Based Measures & Gaps in Care
  • Patient Cohorts (Chronic & Post Acute Care)
  • Patient Risk Management
  • Outreach Management
  • Medicine Management
  • Infection Controls


  • Hospital Resource Utilization
  • Scheduling & Referral Management
  • Leakage Prevention
  • Patient Show / No- Show Analysis
  • Average Wait-Time by Department
  • KPI Measurement of Providers


  • Cost of Patient Care
  • Claim Analytics
  • Cost Outliers
  • Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)
  • Cost Analysis by CPT & Providers over Time
  • Predictive Penalties & Rewards

AI / ML & RPA Capabilities

Datainsights’ AI / ML and RPA capabilities can help you identify care gaps, mitigate risk, create personalized care plans, optimize resource allocation, maximize interventions, support population health planning, monitor health trends for disease prevention, and resolve health disparities within populations. Some of the key capabilities include:

  • IVR & Chatbots
  • OCR Detection of Credentials
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Facial Recognition
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Document Summarization
  • Multilingual Speech Services
  • Image Analytics
  • Speech to Text Services
  • NLP & NER Services

Versatile Rules Engine For Efficient Outreach

With Datainsights’ versatile rules engine, care teams can easily configure, personalize, and execute outreach campaigns to ensure that patients remain engaged and informed throughout the care journey. Outreaches can be quickly and easily executed to obtain consents, send reminders for upcoming appointment or medications, ensure the well-being of chronic and post-acute care patients, convey safety measures prior to an epidemic, conduct patient satisfaction surveys and much more.

Versatile Rules Engine For Efficient Outreach