A remote health monitoring system for rapid-response during the COVID-19 pandemic

About ReCOVer

As the world wages war on the Coronavirus, the most intense battles are being fought within healthcare facilities. Skyrocketing demand for health services, with shortages in supply of qualified healthcare personnel, test kits and equipment, -limits hospital capacity for COVID-19 patients and persons under investigation (PUI) within their communities. With the physical healthcare infrastructure bursting at its seams, government issued stay-at-home orders for citizens and long waiting queues for telehealth appointments, hospitals need additional tools to care for the rest of their communities and ensure that their personnel stay healthy while doing so.

ReCOVer, a Remote Health Monitoring System optimized for rapid-response during the COVID-19 pandemic, enables patients and their caregivers to join forces with healthcare personnel to win the war against Coronavirus. Unlike other Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) tools and platforms that depend on specific monitoring devices or capture a limited set of general health parameters, ReCOVer requires nothing more than an Android® or iOS® device in the hands of a patient and provides a comprehensive view of patient's health and medication adherence in the context of COVID-19 to providers.

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ReCOVer About


ReCOVer can securely track and share symptoms, health parameters and medication between patients, caregivers and healthcare providers

Rapid-response to COVID-19

  • Instantly deployable for hospitals to serve their communities
  • Asynchronous sharing of symptoms, medication adherence, and relevant health parameters between patient and provider
  • Risk-based COVID-19 Triage through guided self-assessment
  • Symptom trends, analytics, thresholds, notifications and guidance for patients and providers to make quick, accurate, data-driven decisions
  • Alerts for frontline health workers to measure and record their own health parameters periodically for healthcare facilities to monitor their health and safety
  • Integration with EMRs for registration, scheduling and health parameters

Next Generation Technology


HIPAA Compliant


Cloud-hosted, Auto-scalable


Quick, Easy and Optional EHR Integration


Compatible With Android® and IOS® Devices


Rapid Customizations Using DevSecOps Methodologies and Tools


  • Care for a larger number of confirmed or suspected patients and PUIs for COVID-19
  • Monitor and manage any healthcare personnel that might be exposed to the Novel Coronavirus
  • Reduce patient wait-time and optimize provider face-time on synchronous telehealth communication
  • Improve outcomes for an increased number of patients who may never need to leave home to get effective treatment
ReCOVer Advantages