Reduce hospital readmission rate

About PatientBuddy

PatientBuddy enhances the quality of post-discharge care through built-in features such as communication, monitoring, reporting, analytics and decision making, thereby reducing avoidable readmissions and associated costs.

Cost Effective Post-Discharge Interventions

Inadequate patient and caregiver communication is the biggest risk to hospital readmission reduction initiatives. Avoidable readmissions not only contribute to the high opex costs, but also impact the quality of effective care transitions. PatientBuddy provides a comprehensive platform to proactively monitor and identify patients with high risk of hospital readmission and apply effective interventions to mitigate that risk.

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Comprehensive Patient Management System


Next Generation Technology


Artificial Intelligence


Predective Modeling


Cloud Based Architecture


Multi-Device Compatible

Key Features

  • Powerful analytics tools to track patient’s progress and apply interventions if needed
  • Sophisticated medication adherence tools
  • Data visualization mechanisms to keep patients informed of their progress
  • Case manager dashboard that tracks patient’s medication adherence, profiles, discharge instructions and doctor information
  • Multi-device compatible, anytime-anywhere communication tools
  • Gamification features to keep the patient motivated and engaged.
  • Information sharing features to increase awareness among patients using relevant web links and videos
  • EHR and HIE integration features


  • Better Care Coordination for Better Health Outcomes
    Streamlines care coordinator workflows and enhances communication with the patient leading to better health outcomes
  • Intelligent Dashboards and Analytics to Reduce Readmissions
    Provides the hospital case manager with meaningful and actionable data to apply necessary interventions, reducing the need for readmissions
  • Improved Patient Enagagement to Reduce Healthcare Costs
    Enhances patient compliance to discharge plans using sophisticated medication adherence tools, feedback mechanisms for patient awareness and gamification to reduce chances of readmissions and resulting costs.

Rising Costs and Penalties (2019)

  • The average healthcare cost of readmission is USD 12,000
  • 2,583 hospitals were penalized by Medicare
  • Medicare estimates will cost hospitals USD 563 million
  • Of the 3,129 hospitals evaluated in the Hospital Readmission Reduction Program, 83 percent received a penalty
  • The maximum penalty — a 3 percent reduction in payments was assessed against 56 hospitals
  • 1,177 hospitals received a higher penalty than they did last year
  • 1,148 hospitals received lower penalties than last year
  • 64 hospitals received the same penalty as last year
  • 194 hospitals that had not been penalized last year are being punished this year
  • 372 hospitals avoided penalties in the last two years