Virtual Care

Virtual Care

We help providers improve access to care and the overall care experience through innovative virtual tools that extend connectivity between the care teams and patients beyond traditional healthcare settings. These tools can improve clinical workflows and enable seamless transitions from hospital settings, resulting in more meaningful engagement between the providers and patients, reduced readmissions and increased provider productivity.

Remote Patient Monitoring

The pandemic has brought forth a critical need to make healthcare ubiquitous – i.e., extending healthcare beyond traditional settings. A popular model is remote patient monitoring which allows providers to keep a track of patient's health status outside of hospitals. This type of patient care extends the physician’s reach, enables a continued relationship between care givers and patients and offers providers continuous access to patient data in real-time. A Study by Insider Intelligence states that by 2025, the number of individuals adopting Remote Patient Monitoring in the United States would grow beyond 70 million (See Figure).

However, to make the most of Remote Patient Monitoring methods, providers need to overcome major challenges including accuracy of data, timeliness in data reporting and integrations among devices and Electronic Health Record systems. Our PatientBuddy solution brings together patient reported data with clinical data from Electronic Health Records and other sources. This generates meaningful insights which help care providers manage patients with chronic conditions without making any unnecessary interventions and offers real time alerts and notifications in the case of events demanding immediate attention. Know more about PatientBuddy.