CITI Provides Learning Opportunities to Students through the MCPS Summer Rise Program

Montgomery County Public Schools’ (MCPS) Summer RISE Program is an initiative for rising MCPS juniors and seniors to participate in a career-based learning opportunity during the summer. Through collaboration with businesses, government agencies, higher education institutions, and nonprofit organizations, students receive hands-on learning opportunities related to their field of interest.

Over a period of two weeks, starting July 14 to July 27, 2023, CITI hosted four high-school students and introduced them to a career in IT. They learned about the many aspects of our IT business and working environment. Mihir Kurane, Program Director, State & Local led the orientation program. Kaleem Din, Chief Information Security Officer, made a presentation on IT Cybersecurity, and Yogen Nikam, PMO, State & Local, headed the program over the duration of two weeks and provided them with various tasks and objectives on the Capture Management Process. They even got an opportunity to meet and interact with our President/CEO – Sunil Kolhekar, and CEO, State & Local – Shashi Roy.


Here is the feedback provided by the students:

I was initially anxious about how well I would do in the Summer RISE Program, and worried about whether the experience I would get would prove useful. Working with CITI dispelled those doubts, as I gained highly valuable experience learning to perform practical tasks for a corporate work environment. Building PowerPoints and Word documents has improved my skills with the software, and communicating via email has made me much more confident writing formal and informal work emails. Additionally, coordinating tasks via Microsoft Teams has built my teamwork skills. CITI personnel explained important concepts from in the field of IT and for contracting for state and local governments, but also gave me hands-on experience with those concepts. I was very lucky to have the Summer RISE experience at CITI, and it will be an invaluable addition to my resume.
- Calder Scott

I’m really grateful that CITI gave me the opportunity to learn about useful business and technical skills that go into running an IT company. I've gotten an inside scoop on the professional workforce, which is a chance that most high schoolers would never have.
- Nadia Sawadogo

The Summer RISE program with CITI provided deep insight into the IT industry, including analysis of real RFPs and state solicitations in addition to training in practical business skills like note taking and formal presentations. For me, it was an enjoyable way to explore the field of IT and learn more about the subject of cybersecurity and its applications today.
- Anil Ghosh

I am a rising senior at Springbrook High School who is interested in IT; I am a summer intern for Creative Information Technology Inc. (CITI) through the Summer Rise Program. My placement with CITI was a perfect fit for my interests because the company uses IT to help other companies with federal services, human services, and health services.

As an intern for CITI, I’ve learned how companies research and interpret RFPs, compose formal and informal emails, and saw the importance of cybersecurity as a career choice in the future. During meetings, I’ve completed many tasks that are straightforward yet very useful for me to see the federal and business side of the industry. With the company’s flexible schedule of having remote meetings, I can save time by not driving an hour to the company’s office every week to complete tasks. Alongside the company’s favorable schedule and goals, I’ve enjoyed working with the other Summer Rise interns because we can relate with each other since we are in similar positions with similar goals and interests. Similarly, CITI’s employees are welcoming and easy-going because they would greet us in between meetings and have conversations about our career goals.

Yogen Nikam, the CITI’s Summer Rise host, was approachable, dependable and guided me throughout the Summer Rise program and answered all questions about the tasks in the meetings. Overall, my experience with CITI and the Summer Rise program has been positive because it allows me to experience a professional and organized workplace, which builds a path for my future career goals.
- David Nguyen