CITI is rated in the Data Archival category in KLAS. See how DRIS - Our Data Retention Platform stands out from the competition

KLAS Research is a Healthcare Information Technology company who aims to provide transparency within the industry. They provide unbiased, accurate and reliable research on the software and services used by providers and payers globally. KLAS gathers evaluations from healthcare providers annually to rate vendors across multiple categories. KLAS interviews providers in annual calls with access to industry insights. During the interview, they ask the provider to rate their own experience with their vendor(s) and share what accomplishments and/or challenges they have encountered.

We are proud to announce that CITI’s Data Retention and Interoperability Solution (DRIS) is recognized by KLAS in the Data Archival category. We are extremely pleased with our initial scores and you can view all customer comments and initial scores on the KLAS research website.

CITI provides a proven solution for decommissioning legacy health IT applications, including data migration, cleansing and archival to new or existing data warehouses. We have worked with several health systems with complex data archival projects. We have archived data from well over 200 unique healthcare applications and systems saving our clients millions of dollars in annual legacy vendor support and maintenance fees. The following is a statement from an industry CMIO, “It is really great that the tool has a button that basically lives in our main system. That is much more convenient than going outside to a different application, and that is good. The ease of use is one key reason we chose the product. The product makes it very easy to maintain patient context in our main system.”

Our company has always prioritized providing superior customer service by assisting our clients in reducing costs, increasing efficiency, mitigating cybersecurity risk, and improving operational performance. We put our customers first, and their experience and product satisfaction are of the upmost importance. We ensure constant communication between CITI Executives and Providers. Industry VP acknowledges CITI Executive presence, “CITI reaches out a lot, as most vendors do. We really haven't had the need for much support because any time I reach out, they have come up with a solution or multiple solutions to consider. I work with a few executives at any given time and meet with them regularly. The executive involvement is one of the big benefits of working with CITI.” 

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