CITI’s DRIS featured in Epic’s App Orchard

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CITI is pleased to announce that our Data Retention & Interoperability Solution (DRIS), is now listed in Epic’s App Orchard. DRIS can lower or even eliminate the costs of maintaining expensive legacy systems, while also allowing providers to access their legacy data directly from Epic in Patient’s Context. This is an exciting announcement for CITI, as we continue to implement DRIS for some of the largest healthcare organizations who are using Epic. “Having DRIS available in Epic’s App Orchard allows for seamless integration between Epic and DRIS. At CITI, our mission is to make our clients experience as simple as possible as they migrate to Epic. Our clients love how straightforward and effortless DRIS is in real use, and how with just one click providers can access clinical legacy data directly in Epic in Patient’s Context”

For more information on DRIS, please contact our sales team at or (703) 483-4316.

More about DRIS:
CITI’s Data Retention & Interoperability Solution (DRIS) is designed to decommission healthcare organizations' legacy applications and data, resulting in tangible opex savings. DRIS can be used to archive electronic protected health information (PHI) from all major enterprise databases for clinical, financial, payer, human resources, payroll, document, image and ERP applications and provides a simple yet rich web-based graphical user interface (GUI). DRIS also provides an easy to use GUI for report generation allowing users to run queries, make parameter changes, and add filters to visualize data while the complex processing runs in the background. DRIS can be embedded directly within Hyperspace and supports single sign-on (SSO) integration with Hyperspace using both OAuth2 and encrypted HTTP GET protocols. This tight integration maintains the patient context, providing clinicians with a seamless view of the archived patient data as well as active patient data in Hyperspace without the need to log in and/or perform patient searches in DRIS.

About CITI:
Headquartered in Falls Church, Virginia, and with offices throughout the greater DC area as well as in South Asia and Europe, CITI is global and diversely talented organization of business professionals working together to provide our clients with real-world solutions for the healthcare, federal and commercial areas. At CITI Healthcare, we enable healthcare organizations to enhance operational efficiencies, streamline processes while meeting regulatory compliance. Our team of healthcare and IT experts enable providers and payers to deliver quality, connected, patient-centric care more efficiently and cost-effectively.